Anoush Abrar seizes video as a medium to accomplish his personal work, getting closer to a social and cultural investigation. Every two years since 2005, Lina dances facing a fixed camera : 

in front of a neutral and dull background, the teenage girl develops a choreography based on video clips, heiress of the MTV Generation. The codes are hustled, mixed and confronted with each other: still a child, yet already a woman, Lina calls into question in a direct way, almost disturbingly, strong themes related to the human body. The duality immediately established by a childlike body invested by movements and very sexualized attitudes, blurs references and conceived ideas by questioning the standards put in place by contemporary society. 

Touching sensitive topics such as the human body, childhood, the codification of attitudes and the integrated sexualization by youth in a precocious manner but often superficially, Anoush Abrar’s four videos (50 Cent fan, 11 years old, 2005, 2’28 ; Déjà Vu, 13 years old, 2007, 2’29 ; Boom Boom Pow, 15 years old ; 2009, 2’52 ; On the Floor, 17 years old, 2011, 2’39; Watch out for this, 19 years old, 2013, 2'39") establish a discomfort, which allows us to question our global relationship with contemporary society by means of the codification of bodies, in particular.

In 2015 Lina wanted to be out of internet for good by starting to delete her Facebook page.
She also asked to be out the project because she really don’t want to be online anymore.

In consequence, the videos are now private and if you want to see them, please ask me.

"50 cent fan", 2’28’’, 2005, 11 years old

"Déjà Vu", 2’30’’, 2007, 13 years old

"On the Floor", 2’38’’, 2011, 17 years old

"Boom Boom Pow", 2’52’’, 2009, 15 years old

"Watch out for", 2’39’’, 2013, 19 years old